Amelia OK
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In Animal Control
She could barely move from the back to the front of the kennel.
I had to reach all the way to the back with a squeegie to gently move her to within arms reach.  Her lower lip was drawn down by all the mats.

<= You can see her trying to tuck her head underneath my chin.  All she wanted to do is cuddle.  I have no experience in grooming, but something had to be done for her.  Just which end do you start at and.... which end is which?

<= I'm holding matted hair. the skinny rope looking thing is her tail.

I finally was able to discover =>  which end was which (the tongue   and nose gave it away)

And to make things worse - I fear she has some hearing loss.  Maybe total.  Keep paws crossed.

This is her belly

The pile of hair was almost as big as Amelia.  Except for a couple nicks,  she faired fairly well.  I tried to keep the hair cut fairly long so a real groomer can clean up the leftover mess

She did really well getting her bath.  I was expecting a snip or growl, but she was a real trooper.  She actually changed shades.  No more feces caked and urine soaked hair.  And no more stink!

Beverly at Vernon HS spruced her up  - She has eyes,  a beautiful smile and a tail wag.

At  her new home in Texas.

What a difference a day or two makes.  I look all squeaky clean and bright eyes (my tail isn't too bushy right now) and after a very long 2+ days I am tuckered out.  But it's a good kind of tired and I know I'm loved.

Thanks Everyone For Making her life worth living
*Amelia OK*

Many thanks to Peggy Streeter for this video.  As you will see/hear, amelia not only has a voice but some hearing too.

Peggy is a volunteer for
Lone Star Shih-Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue (


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Amelia Sings
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Amelia has a new Home!

Three short weeks ago Amelia made the transport from OK to Texas.  She had a very bad uterine infection, ear mites and a broken pelvis.  Her progress has been amazing and today she flew with one of our volunteers to meet her new family. I am so happy for my little girl.  She was one of the best foster's I have ever had.   We went shopping before she left so that she would have something new to wear and this is her last night before she left.  We bought a nice new hooded jacket, (it's colder up there)  pink and white polka dot collar and leash for the trip.  These were taken last night before we took her to Carmen.  She's a very special girl and deserves to be treated like the princess she is.  Haley (Her new Mom) lives in MT and drove 10 hours last night to meet Carmen today to get Amelia.  It was love at first sight and Carmen said she was a very nice lady and felt really good about her going with Haley.  She will have a little playmate and be going to work with her new mom everyday.  Thanks to everyone that has asked about her and especially to the wonderful folks in OK that worked so hard to get her here.  This is another true "rags to riches" happy ending.