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Liberty came to Blaze's Tribute August 9, 2003, along with Twister.  They had been extremely starved and neglected in Spencer, Oklahoma.  The Spencer police seized the horses from the previous owners, in lue of charges of animal cruelty, the owners released the horses to the police.  The Spencer police then requested that the OKC Animal Shelter take them.  Catherine English from the shelter called us to take the horses.  Liberty and Twister spent one week at the OKC Animal Shelter awaiting their arrival here at Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue.  Liberty is estimated to be 4 years of age.  She is in extremely poor condition and before being removed from her previous owners she delivered a foal but it did not survive.  Liberty is currently undergoing Rehabilitation and it will take at least 6 months for her to gain a reasonable amount of weight.

Twister is estimated to be 5 years of age.  He is also in extremely poor condition.  He came to Blaze's Tribute as a Stud, and he will have to be gelded after he puts a reasonable amount of weight on in order to handle the surgery.  Twister also suffers from an injury to his left hind leg.  It appears that it healed incorrectly and left his ankle twisted.  Twister and Liberty have a long road of recovery.  Stay tuned for updates.
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