Meet Freedom

Freedom came to Blaze's Tribute in late June of 2003.  Freedom's previous owners surrendered him, due to no longer being able to care for him.  That became evident upon arrival to see him.  Freedom was extremely neglected in more ways than one.  Freedom had been starved to death and upon arrival at the vet's for an exam, he had been suffering from not one but three complications.  According to the Vet, Freedom was born in the winter and lost half of his ears to frost bite.  He had also suffered from an injury resulting in his jaw being dislocated.  Freedom will have to have three teeth removed and one tooth filed down every six months, due to constant growth.  He also suffers from an injury to his left hind leg.  His hoof is shaped as a club and he walks directly on his bone.  We will have to be creative and build him a cushioned boot in order to alleviate pain and pressure from his bone.  I guess you could say that he suffers from a double edged sword, for every pound that he is able to regain, it applies more weight and pressure to his foot.  Freedom is estimated to be 5 years of age and he unfortunately is not blessed with a long life expectancy.  He will eventually wear the bone down and become lame.  We hope to make his life a little more bearable and hopefully Free from pain.  Freedom could be available for adoption as a companion animal only, otherwise, he will life out his life here at Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue.