I am sure many of you remember the starving horses found in November of 2002 that the Vet. Starved to death over a year ago.   Today January 31, 2004 at Hennessey these horses were auctioned off.   In my personnel opinion these horses are not guaranteed any better of a life then when they were found a year ago.   Many of these horses will go from auction to auction from horse trader to horse trader and eventually slaughter.   I found this to be very disturbing.   We went to this auction today in hopes to get a couple of them out of this cycle and promised a better life.   We were amazed of how many people attended this.   Every seat in the house was full, people sitting on the floor and standing in every little crack they could.   We were even more amazed at the prices they were selling for.   These horses broke my heart.   They were scared to death, some literally shaking in the selling arena.   After 15 months of being under county supervision they did not look like you would think they would.   Some appeared to be fat, but only because they were carrying a foal.   I am sure that every mare that entered the selling arena today was indeed pregnant.   The owner of the auction that this was held, kept telling everyone that they could make lots of money on these horses in a couple of months and to bring them back to the sell.   It just killed me.   We were only able to get one horse out of that horrible triangle.   When she came in they announced her to be a little stud colt.   I just happened to be sitting in the very front low sit and looked down underneath her and saw a very big milk bag.   I immediately bid on her, knowing that I was pretty much the only one that discovered this.   This poor little mare, is due to foal out any day now.   So I guess in the long run I managed to save two horses today. We do not normally participate in horse auctions.   It breaks my heart and we just can't afford to save them their just yet.   However, I could not bring myself to stay home and my heart kept saying to go.   I am so glad that we did.   We spent all night with her and trying to get her settled in.   She is still terrified but relaxing in her pen with some grain, Bermuda and alfalfa hay today.   She took one bite of each and acted like she just didn't know what to eat first.   Bless her heart.   We have decided to name her Hershey's.  She is estimated to be 3 years of age.  No one said it better than a mutual rescue friend when she stated that this one foal will never know the heartbreak that it's mother has been through.  We will keep you posted on her improvements as well as her new baby when it arrives.

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