A Truly Rags to Riches Story


     Somewhere Under all this                .....was Issy B.


Issy's Story

One day, checking my e-mail...a photo emerged from the pile of animal lovers' pleas to save yet another one. I couldn't get her out of my mind...she was such a pitiful-looking little waif, with so many problems. I kept hoping someone would step up....oh, God, PLEASE ..... someone ..... ANYONE! ...but she was slipping through the cracks rapidly, misidentified, smelly, unpleasant to touch, the picture next to "unadoptable" in the dictionary. 

I became obsessed with saving this little dog from the ultimate insult, being sent with the others to the gas chamber, having suffered so much already...only to die sick and unwanted. I thought she had endured enough at the hands of homo sapien, and became obsessed with this little creature. Everything seemed to be working against her....the breed rescues, and even the arranged rides to me all fell through. But suddenly....serendipity! 

I got a ride (I'm visually impaired) to Broken Arrow...on short notice, I might add, thanks to my pal Jeanette. 

At the shelter, the little dog resembled a filthy mop that someone had neglected to throw away. Unresponsive, and in the fetal position, she was about to give up. She was old, blind, deaf, had a bronchial infection....was filthy and matted...wet...had ticks, dermal tumors, horrid teeth, trouble walking on nails that curled in a complete circle, making her sound like castanets on the tile floor. Obviously in real misery, a real St Jude case. Yet, at one time, she had been loved enough that someone had spayed her. She deserved, like so many others, to be clean and loved, even if the whole thing eventually had to end with a needle. So home with me she went, in a crate, with nary a peep all the way. 

Someone in another state (who wishes to remain an anonymous benefactor) had expressed the same interest in her as I, and so we called this dog Isabelle. 

As it turned out...my hubby had a sudden unexpected business trip near this kind person, and he offered to transport her, if anyone wanted to take Issy on, for better or worse. (which included euthanasia if deemed necessary) 

So it was agreed that Issy would go to this loving responsible home. I bathed (and bathed!) her, coaxed out each mat gently while she endured it all with sighs of contented relief...and yes, she was exhausted, and ate like a plow horse! She looked so much better, and it was then obvious she was a purebred Shih Tzu. 

After many vet visits and treatments, she was deemed healthy enough to live a life of any other senior dog. She is comfortable, dry, well fed and loved now, in her new home-for-life. 
(hey, that's all I want for myself!) 

All's well that ends well. (-: 

Thanks for everything, Louise....you proved that a picture is worth a thousand words...and Larry....thanks for posting the story...it may give others pause for thought about what can be done for one animal in desperate need. 

I am so grateful to have been involved in this blessing. (-: 

Sincerely, The Radical Fanatic Animal Rescuer, Housewife and Part-Time Warrior Princess in Pink Sponge Rollers,
 Barbara Hamon Pug Rescue Oklahoma City



Issy's Trip To The Rainbow Bridge

I received this from Louise Dickey and felt the need to share Issy's final chapter.

Subject: Issy Passed

More SAD NEWS in my life.  I took Issy in this morning because of her decline, again.  Hips and spine, with her collapsing and me carrying her.  Also suspected she was starting kidney failure because of more frequent drinking and peeing and not being able to hold it in the house for her usual length of times.   

My vet felt her quality of life was not there.  And it was time.  She was suffering with her hips and spine and beginning kidney failure, as I suspected.  

She is in a better place now.  Hector and I buried her with Butch this morning.    Planted Cannas and Narcisis on their grave.  

Yesterday and today have just about broken my heart.  I have been on tranquilizers for two days....   

I am just glad Butch and Issy are no longer suffering.  It is those they leave behind that cry.....   I know you will also be sad.  Sorry to have to tell you this..............  She was with me for nearly two years.......... and had a good life for two years....   And I was with her for her crossing.  She passed knowing someone loved her.

 Would you please let Louise know at Broken Arrow or send me her email and I will write her.  She told me Issy was one of her success stories that helped her keep doing what she did.  She has a kind heart. 

I know you will also miss her and loved her.