Southwest Oklahoma Animal Network, Inc
 "a 501c (3) Non-profit Charitable Organization"
Dedicated to helping people help
Treasured pets find Their Furever Home

we could blow a lot of smoke and write fancy words about
What our mission is and a lot of soap about how great we are.  And put out a lot of eye wash about the great and wonderful things we do.  Words on a piece of paper really don'
t amount for much.  We could beg for money and try to sell you stuff that you really don't need. (We really could use donations)  

We recognize that we are just a small organization in a small community in the SW corner of Oklahoma.  Our heart'
s desire is to make a difference.  We try to reach out to as many people as we can in as many ways as we can. 
s our goal and our purpose

Bottom line

It takes people working with people to save animals

Contact us
Jean and Larry Whetstone
Altus, Ok 73521

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