~I wish I knew Your Name~

You looked so sad and lonely that first day I saw you.
Were you wondering if  your owners forgot to come for you.
Did your heart leap when you heard voices in the distance.
Did it sink again and again with each passing person

~I Wish I Knew Your Name~

How sad you looked, I could tell you didn't feel well
I hoped and prayed against the reality I feared
Maybe you were just depressed, maybe tomorrow it would change.
Then that awful day I found you lying, almost lifeless, barely breathing.

~I Wish I Knew Your Name~

They let me take you to the Vet where hope eternal soon faded.
Those horrible words I feared the most resounded loudly
I held you as your life gently slipped from your still body.
Sleep my weary friend.  Find your rest, your suffering is over.

I  knew it was the right thing to do.
Still Yet....

~I Do Wish I knew Your Name~

Larry Whetstone
Oct 10, 2004